About Primestone

Primestone is a quality West Australian company founded by pool builder and paving specialist Raymond Said.

Over his forty years of experience in the industry Raymond recognised the need for a new and better product to surround swimming pools and to pave outdoor and alfresco areas. Many years of product development followed and Primestone is now available for you to use, complete with a range of features that make it simply the best paving on the market.

Primestone have invested significantly in process automation systems and the plant equipment at their Naval Base facility is one of only two of its kind in Western Australia. The equipment gives Primestone the ability to rapidly manufacture, cut and profile stone using a completely automated process, keeping costs down and maintaining the same high quality standards the company has been built on. 

Primestone paving is a unique solution to outdoor alfresco, pool and landscape paving requirements.

Combining natural beauty and design flexibility with an amazing array of functional qualities, Primestone pavers will change the way you think about paving. Primestone pavers are made of reconstituted limestone blended with latex and other natural sealants and pigments.

Available in a wide range of stunning natural colours and textures, Primestone pavers are poured as a solid block of quality material, meaning that the beautiful colours and natural designs in Primestone pavers are more than just skin deep. It means the good looks won't flake or separate.

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Natural Stone

In 2008, Primestone secured exclusive supply agreements with several Indian stone suppliers. As a result of this, Primestone are able to offer a stunning range of natural stone products. From table slabs to pavers and infills, Primestone's Natural Stone collection can provide you with a unique and long lasting solution.  

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Exclusive Sandstone Products

In 2007 Primestone acquired Exclusive Sandstone Products, another WA family company with some 60 years of experience producing sandstone columns, plinths and statuary. This acquisition gave Primestone access to hundreds of exclusive sandstone molds and specialised casting technologies. 

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