Limestone Paving

Primestone manufactures a unique range of reconstituted limestone pavers that offer distinct advantages over the competition in terms of safety, durability and aesthetics.

Perfect for Pool Surrounds

Primestone pavers are perfect for wet areas, as contact with water and chemicals won't stain them or cause them to deteriorate. Primestone pavers are also resistant to white mould and efflorescence and the latex and sealants in the Primestone blend also inhibit rising damp.

Cool to Touch

Most outdoor and swimming pool paving absorbs heat from the sun and warms up, sometimes becoming dangerously or painfully hot. Primestone pavers are unique in their formulation and don't absorb as much heat as other pavers. This means they stay cooler to touch, even on the hottest summer days.

Safety First

Made from natural limestone, Primestone Pavers are slightly porous, which means they don't become slippery when wet. To make sure your pavers retain this valuable safety feature it's important to speak to a Primestone consultant before applying any additional sealers to the pavers.

Primestone pavers are available in a range of colours and finishes and in varying sizes and thicknesses depending on your application.


A perfect paver for your requirements

  • 333x333x20.pngCladding Pavers are our thinnest range at 20mm thick and are suitable for a variety of vertical, low intensity or low traffic uses.
  • 333x333x40.pngLandscaping Pavers (standard pavers) are 40mm thick and are perfect for pathways and poolscapes.
  • 333x333x60.pngDriveway Pavers are 60mm thick for extra strength and are suitable for vehicular traffic areas and driveways.

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