Frequently Asked Questions

Do Primestone pavers fade over time?

Yes, all pavers fade – However, Primestone pavers fade less and more slowly than other pavers on the market because they are made of natural materials. As they fade their colours stay natural and compatible with their surroundings.

Can Primestone pavers be moved and relaid?

Yes, Primestone pavers are unique, strong and durable and can be removed and relayed to access underground services. They can also be resealed years after installation.

Are Primestone pavers environmentally friendly?

Yes, Primestone Pavers are made of all natural materials and the manufacturing process is non-polluting. Raymond Said is registered with the Housing Industry Association as a GreenSmart Professional, an endorsement that recognises Primestone’s commitment to the environment.

Is the quality guaranteed?

Yes, Primestone pavers exceed the quality requirements of all of the relevant Australian Standards. Primestone is also well respected within the building industry, it is a registered member of both the Master Builders Association (MBA) of WA and the Housing Industry Association. Primestone pavers also come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Can Primestone pavers be made to order?

Yes, Primestone pavers can be custom made in a wide range of colours and textures to suit individual requirements and to match other colours and tones. This unique service has proven to be popular with Australian Architects and landscaping professionals who strive to provide a custom design lifestyle to suite client requirements and adds inspiration to their business.

Do Primestone pavers come in other sizes?

Yes Primestone makes other sizes to order, these are; 400x400mm and random sizes pavers, for random paving patterns and craze-style paving are also available. All Primestone paving is available in 40mm for landscape, 60mm for driveways and 75mm thickness extra heavy-duty in commercial high traffic areas.